"winter in guayaquil" in hobart

December 2017

That winter my mother takes me to her country, a little place on the equator I had not yet seen. 

"A Few Discomforts" in The Offing

August 2016

There are, of course, any number of ways we commit little violences against each other, bend new dents into an old body.

"Hasta Siempre (Until Always)" in Bodega Magazine

May 2016, re-printed in Tube Talk: Big Ideas in Television (November 2017, Great Books Foundation), as Jean Burnet                                  

Days earlier she had put us three together in a line and pointed to us one by one as if to say, it’s just you three now. She brought our hands together with hers. Just us three. A gesture that said: stick together, and don’t be assholes to each other. Your life depends on it.

"What I While Learned Writing Reality TV" in The Toast

April 2016,  re-printed in ELLE Magazineas Jean Burnet

We crave narrative to help make sense of the world. If something inexplicable happens to us, we struggle to put it in terms of some kind of causal relationship—x-thing happened, so y-thing was the result. Some days, we might boil down the whole of human experience to this two-sided equation. 

"Between Us" in The Los Angeles Review

Spring 2015, as Jean Burnet

My mother says I should think with my brain and not my heart when it comes to men. I don't know how to tell her I'm not sure I've been thinking with either. I think maybe my liver has had some say. I think maybe my lungs may dictate me. Or maybe my appendix, which is still there. Even my ovaries, which yearn sometimes. But not my brain or my heart.

"In Halves" in Palaver

Spring 2015, as Jean Burnet

As a light-skinned half-Caucasian North American (norteamericana), with a light-skinned mother and a dark-skinned grandmother from Guayaquil, I have no idea where this puts me. I have no idea what kind of Ecuatoriana I am, but I am at least half of one.

"Two Bodies" in Brevity

March 2013

I am still learning my body.  I am still learning how it resists me. It would be nice to have two bodies. The one you’re given; the one you pick.


"how many ways can you die for love?" in the pinch journal

Fall 2017, as Jean Burnet

I could not tell you beforehand what it would’ve been like to fall in love with a dead girl, and now that I have I still can still not tell you except to say that it happened almost instantaneously.

"How to Be Lucky" in The James Franco Review

February 2014, as Jean Burnet

In the span of a lunch hour, Dick became a multi-millionaire, which is to say, he became rich enough to ask out the woman who was pining for another man below him.

"Mi Gorda" in The Acentos Review

November 2012, as Jean Burnet

She wants him. She does not learn to recognize this craving all at once, but little by little. In time she joins in on the history of girls that fell in want with boys that did not want them back. She wants him until the desire grows so large that she can no longer trace the origin of her longing. 

awards & honors

grants for artist projects recipientartist trust (2016)

Made at Hugo House Fellowship, Richard Hugo House (2014-2015)

David Guterson Award for Fiction, University of Washington (2012)

Elmira Nelson Jones Memorial Fund Award for Creative Writing, Colby College (2010)